Sliding watch roll with a exposure view for watch and travel lovers

You like your luxury watch, you like to travel and you like to look at your watch. We have created a watch roll made for you.

First of all, you must keep in mind that Affiance work for many years now to make high end watches look nicer. Initially based in Singapour, our products are distributed in many well know shops in Asia.

We propose, for example, Audemars Piguet straps that are both affordable and qualitative. Always equipped to fit the best way a high end watch that to the metallic insert and best leather quality.


Discussing with our customers, we figured out that your expensive watch deserve also a high end watch roll at the best possible price.

As we like watches, we wanted something that could allow to transport our watches but also to see them one the watch roll is on a table. We came to this fantastic concept : the 2 position sliding watch roll. We are the first to propose this and we can bet you that many will copy it.

How does it work : 

The best ideas are often the simpliest ones. Use a sliding pouch and allow 2 positions :

Storage position :

Exposure position :

With this position you can admire your beautiful watch but also see what time it is more easily.


We have different leather and interior available. We can even on request deliver you another couch to mix the colors in the watch roll.

All material used are high quality with leather coming from the french Tannery Alran.

You'll also find the more classical Hexagon watch roll on our website which keep the same philosophy, great material and affordable high end product.